And on my Cross, He died

Warm your heart with poetic views of little Jesus, first born son of Joseph and Mary of Nazareth as he goes through his childhood days.

Walk with an amnesiac boy named “Onofrio” going from slave to freedom and to see the daily miracles of Jesus first hand. While struggling to regain his memory reluctantly he falls in love with a Grecian girl named Senobia

Share the burden the young man who with righteous intentions and without malice built the pain bearing cross. Then suffer equally the anguish and enormous guilt he absorbs knowing that the cross he built for money was chosen for Jesus to suffer and die upon. Could you stand by to witness that? He knows God will seek revenge on he that built the instrument of his son’s demise and where does one hide from God? Nobody hides from God, nobody.

It’s all within the pages of “The Scarab and the Cross”, a compelling tale that will enfold you into those days so long ago and yet so much alive today.

Apply a healing balm to the torment within your soul as through all of this; a heartwarming love story slowly unfolds.



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