Walk through the halls of time in search of legendary personalities with whom to speak. Join the virgin Mary in her school days and escort her through the turbulence of her destiny. Live with the youthful disillusions of Mary of Magdala. Rejoice when the only man for her life is Jesus of Nazareth. Live with the penalized Mary Salome for her doubts regarding a virgin birth. Glory in the miracles of Bernice and her headscarf embellished with an image of the Nazarene’s face. Share the joys of Claudia Procula, wife of Pontius Pilate who finds release from torment by the healing power of Jesus. Praise Claudia for her efforts to save the Nazarene from crucifixion. Then be close by to the loves of their lives.

Five women in the life of Jesus high lights biblical events with scene-by-scene reviews. Their contribution fortified the foundation of Christianity without lance, sword, or shield.  In a world dominated by men their only weapon was the strength of faith and the power of devotion.

Join the eternal five as they walk through Yerushalayim, the cradle of miracles, to Golgotha and witness a destiny in progress.

Divine providence summons five women to the cradle of miracles, Yerushalayim. To witness moment by painful moment the most renowned execution in the history of mankind. The crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth.